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9 Beauty Tips To Beat the Mumbai Monsoon

9 Beauty Tips To Beat the Mumbai Monsoon

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When the little drops of condensed water vapour are brought in by the south-west monsoon winds in June, every living soul in Mumbai takes a sigh of relief. The hot summer is replaced by cool winds and even cooler showers to the respite of everyone in Mumbai. Although this drastic change in the weather also reflects negatively on the skin. So, here are a few tips to help you conquer the monsoon season.

  • Cleansing

No one could deny the importance of washing your face at least three times a day during the monsoon season. Mumbai could be a hub of pollution and humidity during these months. A soap free cleanser could be your best bet to keep bacteria away from the face and give you a natural glow.



  • Toning

Toning is as important as cleansing as it blocks your pores and maintains pH level of the skin. Without even buying an expensive toner, you could manufacture one in the comfort of your home by adding a few drops of honey to two tablespoons of milk. This would keep your skin protected from the ill effects of the urban pollution in Mumbai.



  • Sun Protection

When the sun hides behind the dense rainy clouds, it doesn’t mean that our skin is immune to the harmful rays. Whether you stand under the shade of a tree or take a walk on Marine Drive, the effect of the sun is almost similar. Even though it may be cooler, sun protection is vital in any weather on any time of the day. Using a water-resistant, oil-free sunscreen with SPF of 15 and above is the best way to protect your skin.



  • Exfoliation

Air pollution is undeniably a very serious concern for your skin in a city like Mumbai. Using a face mask twice a week can be extremely helpful in refreshing the skin. A fruit mask including the pulp of cucumber, papaya, watermelon and mango is the best way to go about in the humid monsoon season.



  • Wash Your Hair

A regular hair wash practice during the sticky and humid monsoon season of the coastal hub could make your hair breathe freely making you look fresh and attractive. Tea and lemon juice together make a wonderful combination to give your hair the extra shine and strength.



  • Hydration

However cool it gets in Mumbai during the monsoons, the drainage of fluid from the body is pretty constant irrespective of the climate. There is nothing better than hydrating yourself with tonnes of water as it not only keeps your health at bay but also adds the x-factor to your skin. Water helps in moisturising the dried up pores and adding extra protection to your skin.


  • Dry Scalp Protection

Monsoon season somehow promotes dryness and itchiness in your scalp. A nice hair massage with warm coconut oil could go a long way in moisturizing your scalp and strengthening your hair.



  • Immunity

Nothing makes you look more beautiful than staying immune to diseases. Avoiding nimbu paani, vada pav and samosa from the streets of Mumbai for a few months could go a long way. Include ginger, garlic, pepper, and other spices at least for the rainy season to keep yourself healthy, wealthy and wise.



  • Remove Makeup

Whenever you go to sleep, do make sure that your face is completely devoid of makeup. Night is the time that your skin recovers and makeup would only block that recovery.



  • Sleep

Sleep is the most important chore for keeping your skin beautiful. A good night sleep would mean that you would get up with a much healthier skin than the previous night as the skin repairs itself by replacing the dead old cells and adding life to your face.



Sharing is Caring

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