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5 Urban Secrets Every Girl Should Know

5 Urban Secrets Every Girl Should Know

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In a city like Mumbai, time is indeed more valuable than money itself. People sometimes have the money to spend but don’t have the time to think about how to spend it. There’s hardly any time to sleep and eat, let alone keep yourself neat, tidy and presentable. But, there’s no denying that looking good at work or anywhere else in the city is more important than what you eat or how much you sleep. The humidity, pollution and everything in between takes a heavy toll on your health and skin. The biggest problem is not how to maintain your beauty. You could spend hours and make yourself fit to be seen. The real challenge is to bring out the same makeover well within your tight schedule. Here are a few well thought out tips to keep you active throughout the day without compromising on your looks.

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Posted by Pamper on Thursday, September 10, 2015

  • 1Shower is the best Stress-buster

One thing that everyone loves to do after coming home from a long tiring day at work is turn on the shower and stand under the warm water for eternity. It may be very helpful in releasing stress but can have a few adverse effects on the skin. Hot water dries out every ounce of natural oils that maintain the sheen on your superficial skin. Try the same long shower with lukewarm or cold water. It may have the same stress-busting effects exempting ill-effects on the skin.

  • 2Sweat and Cardio

Sweat is considered to the biggest enemy when it comes to skin care. Everyone wants to stay away from those sticky feeling that sweat leave you with. But, if you sweat out the same extent in a workout at gym or a park, it could do wonders for your skin. Cardio and other kinds of workout assist your pores to breathe. Even 15 minutes of workout would not only make you fit but also make you look elegant.

  • 3Block the Sun out

The heat, pollution and stress of work can make your skin age faster than your body. There’s nothing more dangerous than ageing skin for a modern woman. The aforementioned reasons could definitely play a role in it. I know there are many parlour remedies for preventing such a catastrophe, but the use of sunscreen can really help in maintaining the youthful glow. The sun could be your best and your worst friend altogether. It may provide you with the Vitamin D, but it may also suck the life out of your exterior. Make sure you carry your sunblock both day and night.

  • 4Eat Right

There’s one big disadvantage of living in a fast world. You just don’t have time to think on how to eat right. However important it is for your health or skin, there’s just no way out of eating the instant junk we get on roads and malls alike. I would suggest you to just add a couple more minutes to your eating time and go for a sandwich full of veggies than a burger full of fat. To top it off have a glass of juice even if it is from the streets. Pivoting your eating habits can make wondrous things happen for both health as well as beauty.

  • 5Sleep like a Baby

How many of you do get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in a day? Seldom would I get a positive answer to this question. Sleep is not only just important for your skin and health but it also has some mind-blowing benefits that could make your overall lifestyle improve fourfold. Sleep could help you in better memory retention, spur creativity and in general boost your morale in everything you do. I know being in the fast paced world, dozing off may cost you dearly. But, during those off days, compensate on every incomplete minute of sleep your alarm disrupted, every second of those interrupted power naps you took at work. This rest could make living fast and healthy and lot more elegant and energetic.

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Posted by Pamper on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sharing is Caring

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