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11 Warning Signs You Need A New Beautician

11 Warning Signs You Need A New Beautician

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With so many salons popping almost everywhere these days, one has to be very careful in the process of choosing their beautician. And, while many of you may have already made your pick, it isn’t necessary that your beautician will be perfect in all aspects. More often than not, you might be left pondering on whether you should change your beautician and look for someone better. Here’s a list of ten warning signs that should definitely put you on track to change your present beautician.

Marketing that’s misleading

If you find out that everything that was promised to allure you into hiring the services of your present beautician was a marketing gimmick, it is high time you need to look somewhere else. If anything, your beauty specialist should be able to keep to their word for starts.

Poor services

Your skin is something that improves continuously and thus requires consistency at best. If you are getting services that aren’t 100 percent, week in and week out, it’s time bid your specialist goodbye!

No knowledge of what they are doing

Not everyone is essentially an expert at what they do. However, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be close to perfection, considering they are professionals and specialists after all. Your beautician needs to know exactly what he/she is doing. If not, you are better off having a change.

Honesty is the best policy!

Your beautician should not be lying about your present condition just so that they can get you to buy their products. Or even worse, they shouldn’t be lying, in order for you to go back to them for more sessions.

Often distracted

A number of therapies or processes, such as steam facials, simply require unaltered attention when you consider it from a safety standpoint. Now, if your beautician isn’t giving you all the attention to the job at hand, and appears to be least bothered, it’s better to leave them with what keeps their undivided attention intact.


Hygiene is one of the most important factors you need to look at. Why? Simple because unhygienic stuff can actually cause more harm than good. If your beautician does not take care of this aspect, you should surely look for someone who does.

Doesn’t really communicate

Communication works wonders, no matter what the profession is. So, if your beautician isn’t on the same page and does not communicate well with you, it may be possible that they are hiding something.

Not punctual

Everyone has work to do and timings to follow. Your beauty specialist can be excused for lateness at times, but that on a regular basis is an absolute no.

Extorts you

We are all affected by price rise, because we have a budget to maintain. However, if your beautician has raised prices suddenly, he/she needs to offer you something more.

Rushing you

When you sit down with your beautician for the session that you have eagerly waited for all week, you naturally expect that it’s going to be a relaxing one. If you are being rushed, in any case, you can start looking elsewhere.

No Results!

No proper beauty professional will promise you the results that cannot be achieved. If something was promised and you are yet to see the results, despite the timeframe that’s passed by, your beautician isn’t one to be trusted.












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